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Counselors & Records

Bastrop High school has many professionals prepared to assist you with your varying needs as a student. Our purpose is to provide equitable access to academic and student services that support all students in cultivating their passion, pride, and purpose while achieving their full academic, career, college, personal, and developmental goals. 

Counselors services

Select the type of counselor you need and click on the button below to schedule an appointment with your counselor or social worker today.

At BHS we have many counselors available to assist our students with their needs.  We have four academic counselors to assist students with high school courses, credits, and academic advising.  We also have two social workers to help assist students with any social and emotional situations they may be struggling with.  BHS has two college and career center counselors to aid our students in making post-graduation decisions.  Additionally, we have a college dual credit coordinator to assist our students seeking and becoming accustomed to college-level coursework while at BHS.

Below you will find the contact information for each of our counselors to assist your specific need.

Academic Counselor/


Social Worker

Parents & Students

For any new students transferring to Bastrop HS from another school, the following information will be requested upon enrollment:

  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Social Security Card

  3. Immunization Record

  4. Proof of Residence in Bastrop school district (utility bill, lease, mortgage agreement)

  5. Last Report Card

  6. Unofficial Transcript

  7. Parent/Legal Guardian’s government-issued photo identification (such as driver’s license)

Official Transcripts

Students requesting an official transcript must fill out the following form and submit it with a copy of your ID to Mrs. Crouch or Mrs. Lugo. 


Mrs. Crouch - Registrar (A-L)

Phone: 512-772-7207



Mrs. Lugo - Registrar (M-Z)

Phone: 512-772-7218


BHS Counselors

Lead Counselor

Provides academic guidance for H-O

I am excited to join the BHS counseling team!  I have been in education for 23 years and have been a school counselor for 14 years.  I love working with students and have found my niche with high school.  I believe there are many more obstacles facing our young adult students today. My personal mission is to build up, empower, and support students for life.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas and  Master of Arts  in Counseling from St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.

Nicole Willoughby.jpeg
Barbara Gaona .jpeg
Marisol Keahey.png

College/ Career


Provides college and career guidance 

School Counselor

Provides academic guidance for P-Z

I am excited to begin my fifth year at Bastrop High School! This is my twenty-third year as a school counselor. I have also spent several years in the public school system as a teacher and coach. I love, love the outdoors and animals!  The teachers, students, staff and community are amazing! Now, I understand what my friends meant when they said, "Bastrop is a historical town with grand ideas and talents."

School Counselor

Provides academic guidance for A-G

Hi!!  I am honored to be a counselor at Bastrop High School where both of my children graduated from.   I have worked in Bastrop I.S.D. for over 17 years in several different areas and I have been a School Counselor for 8 years.   

I have a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University and a Master of Education in School Counseling from Lamar University.  I am certified in Elementary Education (EC-4), E.S.L. (EC-12), Special Education (EC-12), and Professional School Counseling (EC-12).  When I am not working, I love spending time with my husband, children, and dog.  My goal is to guide, encourage, and support students in high school and beyond. 

Social worker

Provides responsive services for students with social and emotional needs

Hello!  I love working as a School Social Worker at BHS and it is amazing how quickly time goes by when you are having fun!  I enjoy working with students and their families by providing support to assist students in meeting their goals.  Mental health is a strong focus of mine, as it is for our district.  There are many challenges and rewards at work, and I continue to enjoy working with students at various levels based on their needs.  I collaborate with community agencies and families in building healthy connections to resources available within Bastrop County and beyond. My goal is to make sure students and families have access to resources when they need them.  I am here as a resource to families within our community.  

Social worker

Provides responsive services for students with social and emotional needs

Hello! I am excited to join the team at BHS as the school social worker. I have worked in social services for many years and enjoy helping people get to a place of empowerment. My goal is to help students and families get the support they need to succeed. I know the importance of taking care of yourself and the courage it takes to seek help when needed.

I look forward to this new journey in working at BHS. 

College/ Career


Provides college and career guidance 

Dual credit liaison

Communicates between ACC and BHS

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